Maurizio Calconi - Founder/Lead Recruiter

Who We Are

Our experience is international… we started in Canada and are now helping companies in the US.

The Leadership Behind Our Team

Maurizio Calconi is the engine that drives our HIGHFIELD team.  A seasoned executive leader who has built his career in professional services and emerging markets. Specializing in Talent Acquisition & Management. He has spent 20 years driving results for clients and refining his unique set of skills for finding the right people for the right organizations.

Maurizio understands it goes beyond finding names and bodies to put in front of clients for interviews. His career as a Talent Consultant has helped clients build long-term plans for their talent needs from the administrative staff needed to operationalize their dreams right up to the requirements for key board positions. He has consulted with his clients in all matters relating to Talent: From Attraction to Acquisition; Selection to On-boarding; from Career development and Coaching; to full Organizational development.

Maurizio has acted as an advisor to industry leaders looking for a sounding board and prides himself on being that filter that can decipher an organizations critical needs, in relation to talent.


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