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We understand the needs of founders and the challenges they face when they need experienced talent to help them build a business or run it.

Highfield Human Capital

The principles at HIGHFIELD Human Capital aren’t just recruiters, they come from the world of start-ups.  From the world where entrepreneurs are passionately bringing their ideas to life and are driven to succeed, no matter what.

We work with Entrepreneurs, Founders and Buildouts!  In 2017, Canada was leading the way and blazing a trail in the cannabis sector, that would become a blueprint for the world.  It was growing fast and finding the right talent was one of our biggest challenges.  Like most start-ups, this sector couldn’t just grab any executive from big Pharma or top tier CPG’s.  We needed the RIGHT talent from those organizations: The ones that understood the dream, the ones that saw the vision.  The one’s that could apply their skills to a totally new world and help make magic happen.

This talent is not easy to find, nor is it easy to attract! And leaving that task to big recruiting firms, who assign junior level team members with finding those unicorns, is not the way to get the results you need.

Cannabis is just one of the other emerging sectors that are in start-up or scale-up mode, that need leadership.  We understand what it takes to find this talent, and it is not the same as traditional industries.  These Executives…these people, are a unique breed of talent and it requires a unique recruiting team to find them.

HIGHFIELD Human Capital is the filter…as a vendor and as a client, we understand both sides of the desk. We know what it takes to hire a quality candidate and the importance of cost to hire a key candidate.


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